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Prof. Mujumdar with Prof. Y. Sagara and Dr. Tsujimoto of Ajinomoto Co. at University of Tokyo, March 28,2005
Professor and Mrs. Mujumdar with Prof. H.Ogura and his Rsearch Team at Chiba University, March 29, 2005

Professor Mujumdar with the Editor of Asia Food Journal,Mr. Andrew Wood who discussed superheated steam drying technologies for foods- current status and future prospects for food industry in Asia. An article on this topic will be featured in August,2005 issue of the journal which is subscribed to by over 9000 managers and industry leaders in south east Asia. Another one on drying technologies for foods will be featured in the November 2005 issue of this leading industry journal.

Congratulations to Prasanta on his official graduation with M.Eng.
Professor Kowalski (Poznan Technical University); Professor Z. Pakowski and Professor Strumillo at the inauguration function of XI Polish drying Conference, Pozanan. Poland, Sept. 13-16, 2005.
Professor Mujumdar presenting the industry-sponsored Best PhD thesis Award at XI Polish drying Symsposium in Poznana,Poland.
Prof. Kowalski, Chairman of XI Polish drying Conference opening the Symposium Plenary Session of IX Polish Drying Symposium, Poznan. He is flanked by Rector of the Technical University of Poznan and Vice-Rector of the Agricultural University of Poznan
Professor Mujumdar delivering his Plenary Address at IX PDS, Poznan, September 2005
Prof. Mujumdar and Mrs Mujumdar enjoying a lunch break during visit to the Dziekanowice Skansen museum Village in Lodz, Poland during the XI Polish Drying Symposium, September 2005.
ADC05 Scientific Commoitte, Prof. A.S. Mujumdar was Guest of Honor at ADC05 and also Plenary Speaker
ADC05 Scientific Commoitte
Prof. Mujumdar interacting with postgrad students at his poster papers.(ADC05, Kolkata, December 2005)
Greetings from Muscat (1)
Greetings from Muscat (2)
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