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The NUS-MUICT Team Won the Mondialogo Engineering Award 06/07, 2007.

Group photos taken at Prof. Mujumdar's place at lunch, Nov. 7, 2007.

M3TC Visit to Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia, October 30-Nov.1, 2007

Professor Arun S. Mujumdar at his Public Lecture in NUS, Oct. 17th 2007.

Professor Arun S. Mujumdar at M3TC's Office, 2007.

Professor Mujumdar with Professor Ingvald Strommen, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Norwegian University of Technology, Trondheim, Norway, September 27, 2007.

New Collage of cover designs of books edited by Prof. Mujumdar.

Professor Strumillo with Professors G. Chen (HKUST, ADC07 Program Chair),Professor Mujumdar (NUS) and Prof. I. Zbicinski (Lodz Technical University, Poland) at the Award Ceremony at ADC07, Hong Kong, August 13-15, 2007.

Professor C. Strumillo of Lodz Technical University receieving the first Arun S. Mujumdar Medal for Excellence in Drying Research, Global professional Service and Outstanding Mentorship, 2007.
Close-up of Arun S. Mujumdar Medal for Excellence in Drying Research, Global scale Professional Service & Outstanding Mentorship.
Professor Mujumdar at National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan, May 2007.
Prof. Mujumdar and Prof Thorat (MUICT,Mumbai) with Vaibhav and Darshan- ChE students working with NUS/ESP Team on Solar Drying Project. February 2007.

Dr Wang Shijun received his PhD diploma at the July 2007 Commenncement.
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