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With delegation from Dalian University of Technology, China to HKUST at the Peak in Hong Kong.

December 2013

At HKUST Icon, Hong Kong

December 2013

Prof. Mujumdar with Prof. Rafael Luque of University of Cordoba visiting HKUST.

Prof. Mujumdar presenting a seminar in Tianjin, China in October 2013

With Drying Group from University of Xian at 14th CDC in Changzhou in October 2013.

Award plaque for outstanding contribution to chinese drying technology by Prof. Mujumdar at CDC 2013, China.

Dr. Wu Zhonghua with the drying research group at TUST, CDC 2013, China.

Drying research group at TUST with Prof. Mujumdar at CDC 2013, China.

With Prof. Min Zhang at CDC 2013, China.

At 14 th Chinese National Drying Conference, Changzhou, China, Oct 2013. With Prof X D Liu of China Agricultural University, Beijing.

Prof Mujumdar with Chairman of Yibu Drying Co in Changzhou. Mr Guo Cai Zha has 40 years experience in design and fabrication of dryers. Yibu sponsored CDC in Changzhou. Next CDC will be held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province- home of Pandas and Sichuan cuisine- in 2015.

Drying journal issues and numerous books edited by Prof. Mujumdar have found a safe and valuable place in the personal library of Prof Chung Lim Law of University Of Nottingham , Malaysia campus.

A good collection of Drying and transport phenomena is also placed in Dr Sachin Jangam's office library at NUS

Prof. Mujumdar at HKUST, Hong Kong
With research group of Prof. Guohua Chen at HKUST, Hong Kong
Prof Mujumdar in front of NUS University Cultural Centre
Prof Tan Eng Chye presented to Prof Mujumdar a farewell memento from NUS. The fishes are Atlantic salmon known for their inherent tendency to swim against the main flow. In drying R&D indeed this is what happened to Prof Mujumdar as is well known globally
Meeting with Dean of Engineering Prof Chan Eng Soon. August 1, 2013
Star Vista Shopping Centre at Buona Vista, July 31,2013
Farewell lunch at NUS Guild House, July 25
Farewell lunch at NUS Guild House, July 25
Farewell lunch at NUS Guild House, July 25
Farewell party at Prof. Winoto's home on July 9

Group lunch at Prof. Mujumdar's residence at Kent Vale, March 2013


Prof Arun Mujumdar during his talk at the 7th International Workshop on Crystallization, Filtration, Drying, Milling and Granulation held at ICT, Mumbai, India

Prof Arun Mujumdar in a humorous mood with Mr. Thomas Mathew (Reliance Industries, Mumbai, India) and Prof J. B. Joshi (ICT, Mumbai, India)

Prof. Arun Mujumdar with Prof J.B. Joshi of ICT, Mumbai and Mr Thomas Mathew of Reliance Industries, India

Prof. Arun Mujumdar with other speakers of 7th WFCFD: From left Michael Kuhnen, Peter van der Wel, Prof Arun Mujumdar, Dr. Ketan Samant, Dr. Christianto Wibowo, Ka Ming NG and Rahul Aware

Certificate for "Professor Arun Mujumdar Distinguished Visiting Fellow" awarded to Prof Jim Litster of Purdue University during 7th WFCFD at ICT, Mumbai, India

Prof. Mujumdar receiving a memento from Mr. Thomas Mathew, President, Reliance Industries, Mumbai, 7th WFCFD, February 2013

7th WFCFD, Mumbai, February 2013


TPR Group lunch at Khansama, 05th February 2013



Dr. Chung Lim Law delivering his lecture in the workshop on Industrial Drying: Principles and Practice organized by M3TC on 26th January, 2013.


Dr. Sakamon Devahastin presents in the workshop on Industrial Drying: Principles and Practice organized by M3TC on 26th January, 2013.


Participants of the workshop


Prof. Mujumdar with Dr. Sakamon and Dr. Chung Lim



Photo taken at Teiling Co. during a Workshop on Drying held in 1996. Prof. C W Cao and Prof. Y K Pan along with Mr Chen and Mr Yang are in the group.


Visit of Mr D C Yang of Teiling Dryer Co., Teiling, China in 1994. Photo taken at Prof. Mujumdar's home in Montreal, Canada while he was Professor of Chemical Engineering at McGill University. Dr Guohua Chen, now Head of Dept. of Chemical Engineering at HKUST is also in the picture along with Mrs Purnima Mujumdar.



Prof Ramaswamy, McGill , Dr V Gupta, USA ,Prof Niranjan ,Univ Reading, UK & Dr Nema of NIFTEM, India. New Delhi, Jan 2013




Campus of NIFTEM near New Delhi




Memento from NIFTEM



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