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Prof. Mujumdar chaired the first three day meeting of the International Research Advisory Panel at KMUTT in Bangkok August 3-5, 2015. The group photo includes Prof Sakamon Devahastin.
Prof Mujumdar with Professors Dong Chen, Sakamon Devahastin, DaWen Sun and Ramaswamy at Int Food Engg Conf. Quebec City, Canada. June 2015.
With Professors Raghavan and Ramaswamy of McGill University.
Prof Mujumdar with Prof Sakamon Devahastin at their poster at ICFE2015 held in Quebec City.
Prof Mujumdar gave a Keynote lecture at the International Conference on Food Engineering June 16 th 2015 in Quebec City. Prof. Cristina Ratti, Prof. Sakamon Devahastin and Dr Meng Wai Woo are on the right.
Sachin has decorated his office at NUS, Singapore with Prof Arun and Mrs Mujumdar's water colors and collection of drying books gifted by Prof Mujumdar.
Collection of drying related and other books in Sachin's office at NUS, Singapore.
Prof. Strumillo's birthday celebrations, Feb 2015

CRC Press presented him with a copy of the 4 th edition of the Handbook on this occasion.
Prof. Zbicinski wishing Prof. Strumillo on his birthday, Feb 2015
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