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  • Click here to download a brochure of Handbook of Industrial Drying, Fourth Edition 


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  • Review of the latest book in CRC Series Advances in Drying Science and Technology edited by Prof. Mujumdar.
    Click here for a brief review of the Handbook of Drying Vegetables and Vegetable Products. Edited by Zhang, Bhandari and Fang August 2017. CRC Press


  • Drying Technologies for Foods: Fundamentals and Applications – Click here to download the brochure and Click here for the book review


  • Handbook of Industrial Drying – Fourth Edition. Click here to download the flyer.


  • Review of the book “Perspectives on Innovation, Globalization, and R&D” written by Prof. Mujumdar. Click here to read the review.


  • Transport Phenomena Models for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Stacks
    Thermal, Water and Gas Management – From Fundamentals to Applications.
     Click here for the book cover.
    Authors:  Agus Pulung Sasmito, Arun Sadashiv Mujumdar
    Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing


  • Thermal Management of Electronic Components – Phase change material based hybrid thermal management of electronic components and systems. Click here for the book cover.
    Authors:  Ravi Kandasamy, Arun S. Mujumdar
    Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing


  • Perspectives On Innovation, Globalization, and R&D by Arun S.Mujumdar, Ed. by Sachin Jangam. Click here for the flyer.






















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